Visie Academieplein

Transformation of the Academieplein & G.J de Jonghweg into an accessible and dynamic area for students, residents and visitors.

Client: Hogeschool Rotterdam
Status: Ongoing, 2017-2023

Asked by the Hogeschool Rotterdam to draw up a vision for public space from the perspective of the Hogeschool. The reasons for this are the recent developments for the Coolhaven, the realization of Little C and the landscape design commissioned by the municipality of Rotterdam to CULD. In the view of the outdoor space, the users of the Hogeschool will be the main concern, but the immediate environment and relevant stakeholders will certainly not be forgotten.

The upgraded outdoor space will add value to the area, the location and the real estate. This value development through the restructuring / enrichment of the outdoor space can best be guaranteed in the short and long term if an integrated approach is to be pursued.

The goal of the Hogeschool Rotterdam is, as a main stakeholder in this area, to make a creative, productive and meaningful contribution to the planning (and possible realization and programming) of the integral outdoor space around Academieplein and the Coolhaven.

“…the area can transform into an attractive (urban) landscape.”

The public space around the Academieplein location will be divided functionally and spatially into a separate service area and a (car-free) student / residential area.

By being able to selectively add facilities and programs to the various areas, the area can then transform into an attractive (urban) landscape.

‘’a place for everyone to experience’’

“…additional and diverse range of facilities will be needed to realize an approachable and lively public area.”

In addition to the large supply of future housing, an additional and diverse range of facilities will be needed to realize an approachable and lively public area. There will also have to be room where students of the Hogeschool can profile themselves in the public space and thus also be a unique addition to the experience of the outdoor space. A place where Hogeschool Rotterdam can tell its story: sharing knowledge and innovation and looking for connections with the various stakeholders in the area.


Project name: Outdoor public space Academieplein
Location: Rotterdam [the Netherlands]
Program: places to study, exhibit, meet, stay and connect in a (socially) secure environment
Site area: 32.000 m2


Design team: Tom van Odijk, David Baars, Marta Szczepańska & Michele Bassi
Collaboration: Stadsontwikkeling Rotterdam, CULD