Fragmented Box

Roof terrace developed with the users.

Client: Manhave Real Estate
Status: Completed in 2017

The office building on Westerwagenstraat, in Rotterdam, was built in 1953 to host companies of the booming city harbour industry. Since several years ago, when TomDavid architects moved in, the place has been changing. New companies rent the office floors and a community of young and creative people is growing. With great views towards Markthall, Timmerhouse and the Grotekerkplein -right in the centre of the city- the building’s terrace is rediscovered as a valuable asset.

“Our goal is to develop the roof project together with all users…”

The Fragmented Box is essentially “work in progress”: the foundation was laid by TomDavid (idea and design), but the whole is not finished yet. Our goal is to further develop the roof project together with all users. To create a unique place that everyone uses and is proud of.

The Fragmented Box is a working terrace, and it is Work in Progress. The basic structure is ready but requires further interpretation. All tenants are asked to come up with ideas, and some will still be implemented.

Name Fragmented Box? the view from this roof can be characterized as fragmented, you see the city and the buildings fragmented.

Reflecting on our own roof, the structure in closed condition is a box on the roof (also for use) and when the box is slid open, they are also fragmented on the roof, as you can see the buildings of the city.

A place to meet, work, eat, relax, and enjoy the skyline of Rotterdam.

From a practical point of view, all separate places are created where work can be done, and appointments can take place. But we can also all have lunch, drinks and meet each other here on the roof.


Project name: Fragmented Box …. flexible roof furniture…office with a view….
Location: Rotterdam [the Netherlands]
Program: Work and leisure rooftop terrace
Rooftop area: 210 m2
Building area: 40 – 120 m2


Design team: Tom van Odijk, David Baars, Marialena Kasimidi
Construction: Paul Korthagen [IMd Rotterdam]
Realization: Vincent Petit [Petit 3D techniek] & Marco Broeders [Co2Ro]