A modern-day story collector.

Client: Unsolicited
Status: Ongoing

“MemoPod as the embodiment of contemporary folktales”

Our iconic Memory Pod is a modern-day story collector, ‘ready to record’, wherever it stops. Collecting indispensable everyday stories from across the country and archive them for future generations, the MemoPod will be the embodiment of contemporary folktales. It will meander through our time visiting cities, festivals, gatherings, and villages, looking for stories.

In many metropolitan cities and particular Asian cities, there is a constant change. Parts of the old city are demolished to make way for new developments. Long term social structures are unravelled to form new alliances. Along with large scale city manifestations that come and go, people like to preserve some poignant memories to these passing moments.

“Like the wandering storyteller in ancient times…”

The MemoPod will act as a storage medium for personal stories about these lost places and scenes. To counterweigh the abundance of digital images (from cameras and phones) the MemoPod collects highly personal audio stories from engaged people. Like the wandering storyteller in ancient times, but now to listen rather than to tell.

The installation is a manpowered vehicle with an electrical support engine. The smart engine will eliminate the steep climb and give the vehicle a much larger range. It will even charge the LiFePo4 batteries while riding down the hill. These batteries will provide enough power for a smooth ‘standalone’ operation while recording.

Since the MemoPod is powered by man, there will be zero emission, and therefore can be labelled as extremely environmentally friendly. We chose high quality long-lasting materials which require little maintenance. The MemoPod, with its human scale and promoting physical exercise, therefore has a sporty, approachable, and sustainable appearance.

Traveling on public roads, the arrival at a particular destination and its transformation to the recording function, all of this will strengthen the identity and recognition of the MemoPod in its capacity. Just as a broadcast vehicle arriving somewhere and causing a certain stirring, the MemoPod by its own iconographic appearance will be able to cause a sort of excitement. Together with the logos of participating institutes, its unique shape guarantees a catchy, dynamic, and recognizable appearance.

In time, the MemoPod recorded history will be broadcasted through radio, internet or public libraries.

“A modern day ‘museum’ with an ever-growing collection randomly documented stories of those who had a tale to tell.”


Project name: Memopod
Location: Undetermined
Program: Story collector/teller


Design team: Tom van Odijk, David Baars, Alexine Sammut