A cheerful small-scale place to stay.

Client: Unsolicited
Status: Ongoing

On a unique metropolitan site on the Maas, the ‘Sub-rise’ transforms the seemingly monofunctional quay into a cheerful small-scale place to stay, human scale.

“…an unexpected piece of happiness.”

The ‘Sub-rise’ is for everyone and only appears when the maritime logistics and supplies are ready for the day activities.

The kinetic architecture, the programming and the paradox of the location all contribute to the happy experience of the visitor: an unexpected piece of happiness.


Project name: SubRise
Location: Rotterdam [the Netherlands]
Program: Expandable movie theatre


Design team: Tom van Odijk, David Baars, Eleni Kantidaki, Sara Nikouyeh, María Valeria Félix
Model: David Baars [exhibition Happy City | AFFR 2019]
Funding: Fleur Groenendijk Foundation