RVC Den Haag

Dynamic office spaces that adapt with the changing ways we work.

Client: Raad voor Cultuur [Den Haag]
Status: Invited tender 2013

In the 3rd quarter of 2013, the Culture Council will move to the Prins Willem Alexanderhof in the centre of The Hague. The Council will take up residence on the second floor of the National Archives. The area around Anna van Buerenplein where the new accommodation is located will be a lively inner-city area after a major overhaul. The new housing will thus be somewhat out of its physical isolation and will be more accessible.

“…a different structure and its own identity.”

Compared to the R.J. Schimmelpennicklaan a lot smaller, but compact and concentrated (ground floor) and offers more comfort. The interior has recently been completely renovated. As a result, the space is in fact completely “finished”. This interior was intended for a previous tenant with a different schedule of requirements. However, the organization and working structure of the Board require a different structure and its own identity.

The intake interview with members of the Council and the document “Evaluation Council for Culture 2005-2011” reveal a number of interesting points of departure with regard to the design assignment for the new accommodation.

1. Interaction & collaboration.
2. Support.
3. Dynamic working.
4. Identity.

The design concept was to create dynamic office spaces that adapt with the changing ways we work. The coworking spaces act as the landscape, free for everyone to meet and work together.


Project name: Raad voor Cultuur
Location: The Hague [the Netherlands]
Program: Offices, coworking
Site area: 550 m2


Design team: Tom van Odijk, David Baars