A single item of ‘über furniture’.

Client: PG2 Venture Capital
Status: completed in 2009

“…by means of participation, consultation, and support, concocted good products from raw ideas…”

Each year Fleur Groenendijk participates in several special projects – from industrial to artistic – and is very culturally committed. The basis for the design was PG2’s business process that, by means of participation, consultation and support, concocted good products from raw ideas. From this we derived our concept: an interior in the shape of a raw model that seems to still require filling and sanding; a snapshot in a process of improvement.

A single item of ‘über furniture’ integrates the workstations, meeting room, pantry, cloakroom, and cupboard space.

“We consciously sought out the paradox between the orthogonal context and the almost amorphous autonomy of the design.”

The luxurious details too, such as the leather inlaid desk, the walnut bar top and the concealed built-in switches, contrast sharply with the simple mdf in natural varnish. The industrial handles and the exceptional light fixtures contribute to the spatial experience.


Project name: Unpolished Office Structure
Location: Groothandelsgebouw Rotterdam [the Netherlands]
Program: Office space
Size: 100 m2


Design team: Tom van Odijk, David Baars
Realization: Jasper van der Made, Koert Verberne en Marco Broeders