Revitalization of the building ‘De Gouvernestraat’.

Client: 'De Gouvernestraat'
Status: Feasibility Study

“Transformation from film house to theatre, dance, and festival destination.”

Since the departure of Lantaren Venster in 2010, the De Gouvernestraat building has been used by the De Gouvernestraat foundation, in which Theatergroep Max, Production House Rotterdam and Dansateliers participate as partners. After January 1, 2013, Maas (working title), a company for youth and youth theatre and dance, wants to move into the building.

“The building has a rich history and is anchored in the hearts and minds of many Rotterdam residents.”

The Gouvernestraat in its housing current state, in addition to two theatre halls, four cinemas which are not suitable for the new company due to their sloping floors, limited dimensions, lack of daylight and the new sound requirements.

The existing two theatre halls, intended for performances and events, are currently too often used for rehearsals and try-outs.

In addition, the two theatres do not meet the applicable sound insulation values ​​and the relevant health and safety requirements.


Project name: ‘De Gouvernestraat’
Location: Rotterdam [the Netherlands]
Program: theatre, dance and event space
Site area: 2.300 m2


Design team: Tom van Odijk, David Baars
Collaboration: Janneke van der Velden
Construction advisor: Paul Korthagen [IMd]