Photo TomDavid ArchitectureTom van Odijk and David Baars started working together in the summer of 2004. Numerous successful projects followed, whereupon in 2008 the two designers decided to continue their collaboration under the name TomDavid Architecten Whilst inspirationally complementing each other, they worked on unique design projects such as follies and pavilions, temporary and mobile architecture and exhibitions, both in the Netherlands and abroad, including the Rotterdam Pavilion at the World Expo in Shanghai.

TomDavid never ceases in its search for design solutions that match the client's, users' and the environment's requirements to the fullest. To find these solutions the agency deploys various building blocks: architectural 'tools', technical innovation, identity and interaction, a feel for aesthetics and a sense of humour. But good chemistry with the client, the exchange of knowledge and inspiration also contribute to the best end result possible. TomDavid keeps achieving successful projects without making concessions to the concept, whilst adhering to the brief. As such the designers not only continue to grow in their personal development but keep challenging and astounding their clients as well. In addition to which TomDavid continue seeking new challenges.

To retain and hone their skills – but also as idealists – they also develop visions for public urban
spaces at their own initiative.